Wineday Friday: time to celebrate

As you can tell this week was a celebration week!  I had originally planned to talk about the wine in the middle Stump Jump shiraz but I am going to save that beauty!  Definitely worth a look!

What I am going to talk about is champagne!  Yes, real champagne!  Champagne, by the definition:  a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France following rules that demand secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation.

This week the Husband and I were able to try 2 different bottles.  The first one that we tried was the Laurent-Perrier Brut.  The first thing that I noticed about this one was the fruit and honey.  Most champagnes have a clean, crisp taste but this one had a bit of a honeysuckle flavor and a bit of an aftertaste.  Per the company’s website, this is their signature wine.  While this was definitely a different kind of flavor, I probably wouldn’t get this one again.  It was good but it wasn’t great.

The second bottle we opened this week was the Tattinger Brut!  This is far and away our favorite bottle to open.  It is a special occasion bottle and therefore very appropriate for our anniversary.  This is definitely a clean, crisp wine with a nice blend of grapes.  What we really love about Tattinger is the consistency of the bottles.  You know exactly what you will get when you pour your first glass.  Absolutely classic!

What do you drink when you celebrate?




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8 responses to “Wineday Friday: time to celebrate

  1. Vodka is my drink of choice!

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