Wineday Friday: Stump Jump Shiraz

Good morning and Happy Friday!  I don’t know where this week has gone but  I am happy that I can sleep in tomorrow.  I have felt a bit under the weather this week so a few hours in bed with a good book (this one!) sounds like a good plan.

We did get some good news this week.  We are planning a trip to Sonoma at the end of the summer and things are starting to fall into place.  We are definitely visiting Gary Farrell and having dinner  at the Coppolla Winery.  We also almost have a beautiful house lined up as well!  If you have any suggestions on where we should be going, please let me know.  Just leave a comment on this post.  It would be greatly appreciated (read: we’ve never been to Sonoma!).

On to this weeks wine.  Last week I had planned to review the Stump Jump Shiraz but we had opened one too many bottles of tasty bubbles to pass it up.  So as promised, here are my thoughts on the Shiraz.  For me, this is definitely a wine that gets better the longer it has a chance to breathe.  As it opens up, I think a lot of the minerality and alcohol tastes go away and they are replaced with dark fruits and cherries.  Nothing is too strong but it is definitely a nice wine to sit and sip.  The tannins are definitely present but not overwhelming.  I think that this was a nice round feeling wine with some great smoky and chocolately notes!  Definitely would by this one again.  Warm weather grapes seem to be my thing!

From the Ultimate Wine Shop Website:

Category: Red Wine
Varietal: Syrah
Region: Australia» South Australia» McLaren Vale
Producer: d’Arenberg
Alcohol: 14.2%

What are you drinking this weekend??  Also, where would you go in Sonoma?  Really need suggestions (food and local sites also appreciated!).  Please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Wineday Friday: Stump Jump Shiraz

  1. I have so many suggestions for your trip to Sonoma – we love it there! Are you looking for food or wine recs? Just in Sonoma or the surrounding area too? We might need to get together for a drink and I can share lots with you. 🙂 I will be back in Colorado the week of the 25th!

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