Wineday Friday: What goes with Wine?

Before we get started, we have some business to attend to.  Number 1, sorry for the absence.  I have been dealing with a sore throat the last few days and I have been taking any extra time to get some rest.  Number 2, I announced my first giveaway this week for the Simply Bar. 

The winner is: Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen



I will be getting in touch shortly!


Now on to the WineDay info. So you have the perfect bottle of wine.  Now what?  There are some wines that you get that are recommended to be paired with good food or a cheese plate.  If you aren’t sure about a wine, try it with a protein or a good slice of cheese and bread!

The Husband and I are lucky enough to have one of the greatest cheese stores around so close to our home. 


Cheese Importers in Longmont does wholesale distribution of cheese to local restaurants and they also pass off the wonderful flavors in a retail setting.  They have jackets outside a gigantic warehouse walk in cooler where you can sample, ogle, and enjoy cheese from all over the world.


You can also imagine the olive bar, jam selections, and bakery.  They also have a café with great coffee and sandwiches!  So the next time you plan on having a nice wine night in, plan on stopping at your local cheese store (or at least the fancy cheese section at your grocery store) and try something new!

Any good pairings lately?



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7 responses to “Wineday Friday: What goes with Wine?

  1. Hope your feeling better, no fun to be sick in warm weather.

  2. Feel better soon! That wine should help. 🙂

    I love big red wines and creamy cheeses. After getting back from Chile, I’m all over the Carmenere right now.

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  4. Now about that wine shop… Fairway Wines and Spirits in Woodland Park (only two other Fairway stores offer wine) has been designed by Joshua Wesson, the co-founder of Best Cellars, and in 1986 named one of the top five sommeliers in the world. Joshua’s theory in putting this store together was to create a breadth of wine selection, to create the excitement of a new wine discovery without having to pay alot. Eighty percent of the 600 wines will cost between $10-30.00. You’ll find wines not available elsewhere. Of course they will have daily wine tastings, but what makes these tastings different from other wine stores, is the food pairings – think smoked salmon, artisanal cheeses. And are you perplexed about what wine goes with that rack of lamb you just bought? The staff in the wine shop can help.

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