Happy Friday

Sorry, there is no Wineday Friday today.  I have been drinking a lot of tea and water this week.  Full blown sinus infection.  I woke up with it in my ears today…

So today let’s do a little Friday Link Love:  What I’m reading!

I’ve been reading Cassie’s blog for a while.  Send her good vibes on her big move!

Lindsay was one of the lovely ladies who put BLEND together and she posted a beautiful letter today.  Please take a look!

Lynne has been posting some wedding updates.  We also met at BLEND.  Love her insight this week about perspective!

Found this little gem on Blogher.com.  Once I feel better, I am getting started again!

Hopefully Monday I can be back at full strength and blogging away with some insightful topics.  I seem to have some great ideas in a Nyquil haze and then can’t remember what I was going to say…

Anyway, what are you reading today?

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