Thank you, GoodBelly!

Last night I had the privelege of attending the GoodBelly Happy Hour with some friends and local bloggers.  The event was taking a place a block away from work and conveniently placed to avoid the impending chores that come with packing the car for a road trip.  Wish I had taken more photos (isn’t that always the truth!) with the people at the event…

I had heard of GoodBelly probiotics in the past but had not really had the opportunity to try them out.  I am happy to find that they have dairy free options as there are plenty of yogurts in my life right now.  I can always use a new morning juice or a quick afternoon snack.

Thankfully, the GoodBelly team was able to provide us with mocktails and information and I actually left with more knowledge than I expected.  Did you know that you carry around 6 pounds of bacteria?  Amazing, no?  I was also provided with some awesome local goods and a very comfortable sweatshirt.  I will be trying their 12 day challenge as soon as I am off antibiotics (not really interested in that chemical reaction) and writing a review.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Thank you, GoodBelly!

  1. Their entire line of products is vegan too – which is awesome! 🙂 I got that same sweatshirt in dark blue. Great seeing you for a second!

    1. Hopefully we can catch up soon! I am out of town for the next week but after that! There are a few other bloggers that i have promised lunch to so some organzing is needed!

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