why drive home when you can fly?

Generally, I would rather pay through my nose to take the comfort of a plane back home.   However, when we are going to be home long enough (more than a weekend), the Husband prefers to drive.  We have now made this a more comfortable option.  As we neared home, we decided in a fit of delirious over-tiredness that it was a good idea to buy a car.  We popped into a dealership along the interstate, walked in and purchased a brand new car.  We left our old one there and drove away!

Ok, so it was all planned out and the dealer was expecting us but the story above is basically what happened.

Here she is!

We transferred all of our luggage and junk from old car to new car and made the final leg of the trip.  The car already has over 1000 miles thanks to our road trip and is the most frivolous purchase we have ever made.  AND I LOVE IT!  I am loving the hands free bluetooth, power windows, and keyless start.  It’s amazing what technology can do now.

Anyway, off to finish Friday and hopefully get a little more rest.  On Monday I will talk a little about my goal for July.  I will be walk/running 50 miles and doing at least 50 miles on the bike.  Have a great weekend!



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4 responses to “why drive home when you can fly?

  1. How fun! I loved our Mazda3…but we traded it for a Subaru Outback once Babycakes was born.

  2. That is too cool! Love the car! I agree with you about flying/driving. If it’s more than a couple of days, it’s REALLY nice to have a car to get around. 🙂 Enjoy your new ride!

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