A little late to the party

I alluded last week to a fitness challenge that I have planned for the month of July. I definitely need a goal to keep myself moving so here it is!


I plan on doing 100 miles of fitness miles in the month of July. Between the last push for training for my first 5k, walking the dog, biking with the husband, and hiking in Boulder this is definitely a very doable goal. I have been down and out for the better part of the last month, feeling run down and congested. No better way to get back on it then to set some health and fitness goals.

To kick things off, we biked 13.6 miles this morning before it got hot.  I also did a jog/walk of about 2 miles.  My GPS crapped out on me but that is my best guess.  I also have 2 miles of mild walking while I was still getting over this sinus business.  So far, the total is 17.6 miles!

On top of the mileage goal, I also plan on eating better, drinking more water, and taking my vitamins! More details to come!  If I stick to it, I will owe myself a treat at the end of the month!  I’m thinking mani/pedi.  If you want to track your mileage and share, let me know!

I’m wondering, how do you keep yourself on track?

4 thoughts on “A little late to the party

  1. Great job!!! For me, I need to drink a lot more water on a regular basis. I’m pretty terrible about keeping up with it when I’m not in the midst or immediately after exercise.

    For keeping myself on track with physical activity, I use dailymile.com. Logging my miles (running, walking, hiking, biking) and yoga practices on a public website help keep me honest! I also like to use mani/pedis as a motivator. And a massage!

    PS – are you still sick?!

  2. I will personally keep my target this month to an overall 200 miles – combining running, cycling, and maybe kayaking. I start half-marathon training in two weeks, so my goal might change slightly based on planned mileage but I will update if so.

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