Wineday Friday: A true wealth of knowledge

So this week has been lackluster in the wine tasting department.  I had a bottle with the Husband at the beginning of the week but wrote nothing down.  I did also have some Charles Shaw but I won’t spend this review on the standard Two Buck Chuck (even though it’s good!).  I do however want to talk about where most all of my wine knowledge comes from!

From this magical fox.  Wait, no, not the fox.  The fox is just the mascot.  Every Friday, our local liquor store Fox Creek treats us to bottles that we wouldn’t experience without a little prompting.  In Colorado, you can’t sell most spirits in a regular grocery store so you have to hit up a specialty store and we hit the jackpot!  Sanju and Vivek always have a great suggestion!  Sanju is working on her sommerlier classes and is happy to impart any knowledge onto her customers.

Since moving to Colorado (almost three years!) we have been visiting their store.  There is a wide selection and something for everyone.  Our local paper ran a great story about them a while back.  Take a look here. This week we get to sample some Italian wines!  Hopefully there will be a wine worth reviewing for next week!  And hopefully Rufus will be there, too!

I’m wondering, what are you drinking this weekend?

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