Monday Suds: Left Hand Brewing or The brewery that taught me everything I know about beer

Saturday morning, I took a quick ride over to our “home” brewery.  This is the place that taught me how to appreciate hops, how the brewing process works, and taught me that beer deserves to be paired with food and cheese just like wine.


As I strolled into Left Hand, Josh and the rest of his staff were finishing up their weekly staff meeting/beer class.  In the 15 minutes that I got to “audit” I learned about the history of Oktoberfest and the many varieties of the ESB.  This kind of gathering is one of the reasons the Husband and I keep coming back.  Everyone behind the bar, even the bar backs, can help you select a great beer and be able to tell you what you should be looking for but not why you should be enjoying it.  They leave that up to you!


A little history on Left Hand. 

Left Hand Brewing was established in 1993 by two guys in a home brewers club. This brewery is now arguably one of the most successful breweries in Colorado and one of the most recognizable craft beers in the country. Their tap room is right along the St. Vrain Greenway and less than 30 minutes by bike from our house. We love that when you walk in you feel like family and there is always something great on tap.

The first trip we made to Left Hand was actually a pre party for the Husband’s bachelor party about 2.5 years ago. The Husband and his brother had planned a brewery tour and as Left Hand was so close to home, it made the cut. I joined them after work and we were all pleasantly surprised. We did a taster of everything that was available and there wasn’t anything that we didn’t love. We hadn’t been drinking beer that much and we were hesitant to try anything new. After 12 tastes, I was in love and I was ready to open my palate to beer. 2.5 years later, I am willing to embark on a beer tour around the state and try anything! Left Hand taught me that everything is worth at least a taster, and in most cases, at least a pint.


I’ll be back with some of our favorite beers this afternoon!

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