Monday Suds: Oskar Blues and the Tasty Weasel and a Giveaway Winner

This weekend, the husband and I decided to try and expand our beer views and give Oskar Blues another try.  Oskar Blues is another brewery in Longmont (that will soon be in North Carolina as well) that has taken the craft beer industry by storm.  They currently have three locations, two of which are within 15 minutes of my house.  The place where all the magic happens is at the Tasty Weasel.

The Tasty Weasel is their Tap Room and also the brewing/canning facility.  They also have two brew-pub type places.  The Husband and I frequent Liquids and Solids (one of the brew-pubs) as they feature both OB beers as well as other great breweries that we normally can’t get our hands on at the store.

Back to the OB Beer…

The Selection

As you can see, the collection is quite large… There is of course Dale’s Pale Ale, Ten Fidy, G’Knight, Mama’s Little Yella Pils, and many others.  Generally, if I’m picking an OB beer, I’m going with Mama’s.  It’s tall and refreshing with just a little bit of hoppiness.  If I’m in the mood for something that screams “OSKAR” then I’m going with Dale’s.  Super hoppy and very balanced.   As you can see, I have qualms finishing a taster tray…

While we don’t frequent Oskar Blue’s as much as we should, I defnitely know that there are new fun things to try there.  They do Firkin Friday which is a great way to try a familiar favorite in a new way.  You don’t know what a firkin is?  Read all about it here.  Firkin’s at any brewery are worth a taste because you might not see that variation on the beer ever again.  You may miss out on a really good thing.

Overall, Oskar Blue’s in Longmont or in Lyons is definitely worth a tour and hopefully a Firkin if you swing in on the right day!


9 thoughts on “Monday Suds: Oskar Blues and the Tasty Weasel and a Giveaway Winner

  1. Oskar Blues makes some great beer.
    Ten Fidy is one of my favorites. Love G’Knight, too.
    I will have to make a trip to the Tasty Weasel some day!
    Great post. Cheers!

  2. Many tap rooms are sterile and boring, but Oskar Blues found a way to give theirs some character. Separated into two rooms, they have couches, free peanuts, table shuffleboard. Tap list is typical Oskar Blues stuff, plus a firkin and a few special releases. Definitely worth a stop.

  3. This is where it all began. Our huge Voluminously-Hopped Mutha of a Pale Ale has been called “One of the quintessential American hoppy pale ales of our time” and was named the Top US Pale Ale by the New York Times. Dale’s Pale Ale started the change for what beer drinkers expect from canned beer.

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