An Evening with Don Julio

Happy Wednesday!  Wanted to share an amazing paired dinner the Husband and I got to attend last week.  This was a tequila dinner with a host from Don Julio, Sergio Garcia.  As usual, the pairing choices were fabulous and we had a blast.

Great margaritas, great flavors, and an absolutely wonderful setting.  We had the opportunity to get a little background on the company as well as try 4 variations on their tequila (5 if you count the pre-dinner marg).



After my margarita, it was on the appetizers.  I could have eaten about 10 more of these Empandas.  They were amazing and crispy.  I would have licked my plate if it had been just the Husband and I.


Next up was Gazpacho.  I got to eat a bowl and a half.  More chunky than I expected and as I powered through my second helping (the Husband’s) I really started to notice the spice.  Looks like this will be a great summer patio food!


The main event was next.  In my head, fish was the main event so I was more than pleased when a gigantic steak arrived.  As we chatted about different types of spirits and aging processes, I completely finished my plate.  Didn’t really even pay attention to what was going on.  I must have been starving.  The salad was excellent and the avocado was exactly what the tequila needed.  The flavors were a perfect balance with the Don Julio.


And then there was dessert.  This is the Husband’s favorite dessert on the Martini’s menu.  It’s a Key Lime Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis.  The sweetness and the tequila paired nicely.  The cheesecake is decadent for sure so most of mine made it’s way home…  I was prepping for a race after all. (Still have to get those details up!)


These were my lovely dinner dates.  We had a blast.  If you are interested in Martinis, please check out their newly re-designed website.  They do a lot of great events or they are great for a date night out!


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