Wineday Friday : Villa M Rosso

We made it!  It’s Friday and it’s almost to celebrate for the weekend!  Today’s wine is definitely a treat for those you who like a sweet one!

I usually like to keep something sparkly at the house that isn’t too expensive so that when I feel like bubbles, they are available.  Villa M was just what I needed!  Now this isn’t a champagne or anything that fancies itself as something close.  This is an effervescent red wine with a twist off cap.  No champagne cork here.  Once we got into it, I definitely enjoyed the color.  Bright and a little more pink than red.  Once I got my nose into this one, I knew that I would love it and the Husband would hate it.  RASPBERRIES!  I was immediately transported to a trip to Epcot where I found a raspberry drink as well.

There was nothing that made this wine stand out, just raspberries and a load of sweetness.  I really enjoyed every drop of this brachetto varietal and think that it could be an interesting twist on a mimosa.  I think serving this with Lemonade would make an excellent party drink!

I’m wondering: What are you drinking this weekend?



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10 responses to “Wineday Friday : Villa M Rosso

  1. snus hill winery. they have a white that I love. I can’t remember what it is. We actually just finished it last night. So it’s time to get some new booze. I’m thinking of getting some vodka and finishing off our bloody mary mix.

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  7. April

    I was wondering where you found this wine for sale? I have been looking all over for it!

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