Wineday Friday: Your friend and mine


Charles Shaw!  We all know him better as Two Buck Chuck found at your very special Trader Joe’s.  We don’t have a TJ’s yet in our area but we always stop on a road trip.  And before that, we kindly asked the Husband’s parents to pick up a case (or 3).  If you don’t know about this glorious wine, it is a non so special, very run of the mill, great with a movie kind of wine.  And it’s only TWO DOLLARS.  Actually, it’s verging on $3 now but still, can’t beat it.

A little background, from Wikipedia:

Charles Shaw is a brand of “extreme value” wine (bargain-priced premium wine).  Largely made from California grapes, Charles Shaw wines currently include Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Valdiguie in the style of Beaujolais nouveau, and limited quantities of Pinot Grigio. These wines were introduced exclusively at Trader Joe’s grocery stores in California at a price of $1.99 per bottle, earning the wines the nickname “Two Buck Chuck.”

We love that these wines are great for parties.  The labels don’t make it look like a cheap wine (no wierd fonts or crazy animals).  If you go through several bottles you aren’t breaking the bank.  Finally, it’s all pretty good.  We always like to have  a few bottles around for those days when we don’t want to open a “special” bottle. 

I particularly enjoy the whites in this line as they are great super cold and sometimes with a splash of lime.  I really like to cook with several of the varietals as well!

I’m wondering: Have you had Two Buck Chuck?  What do you think?

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