Monday Suds: City Star Brewing

New breweries seem to be popping up all over the place.  And I am definitely not complaining.  The newest one is just up the road in Berthoud and it is actually biking distance away.  We’d have to bike along a county road but there isn’t too much traffic.  We learned about it through some other local brewery connoisseurs (as well as the map in background in this picture).


City Star is a Micro Brewery.  Everything is very small batch and when we went in, most of the beers weren’t even through the third iteration.  While we didn’t tour this time around, they run on a tiny system, 3.5 barrels.  It isn’t a lot but you can tell that every beer and every pint is thought out and well crafted.

Here is a link to the current Beer List.


The Husband and I were able to try just about everything on tap and I was really impressed.  We can definitely see where they are going and we are happy to go along for the ride.  See that Dead or Alive Double IPA on the list.  SO GOOD!


And the Wheat, we took a growler home. The Husband says that even though it’s Batch #1, they shouldn’t change a thing!  One of his favorites.


As they are pretty new (opened this summer), we had the opportunity to talk beer and Berthoud with our bartender.  He walked us through what City Star does and was very knowledgeable.  They are already bringing in live music and events and we can’t wait to hit up trivia night!


Overall, City Star has plenty of room to grow and they are definitely on track to becoming a brewery that is going to draw people to Berthoud.  It’s a small town with a lot of charm and now they have some beer to brag about as well!

5 thoughts on “Monday Suds: City Star Brewing

  1. We’re turning 3! Our beers are finally old enough to feed themselves (or if you read the previous article- heat themselves). We’ll be throwin’ down with The Georgetown Orbits’ on July 30th. Their Ska and Reggae goodness will be rockin our house starting at 6:30pm goin till the sun…well, till about 9:30. Not enough?? Good! ‘Cuz come Sunday (July 31)- we be bustin’ a move with the most rockin music-made-for-kids performed by The Not-Its! Kindie Rock for all Ages! 2-4pm We close the gates, let the kids run free and mix our family with yours. Can anyone say playground? Yeah? We’ll meet you there. 2-4pm (Pssst- Don’t worry…it’s the GOOD kind of playground…you know…the kind with beer.) DID WE MENTION THE BEER??? We’ll be pouring ALL KINDS of fun beers. Three (THREE!!) of our Local Hero brews, two (TWO) of our famous sour beers, and one (ONE!) of the finest Chile IPA’s around. We, seriously, are not messing around. Come join us for our birthday weekend so we can show you how to have a good time (or you can remind us you already know how). ***Want to know more about The Georgetown Orbits! . Or the The Not-Its! . Just go right ahead and click on ’em!

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