Mt. Sanitas

Saturday, the Husband and I went back to my first memory of a grueling hike in Colorado.  Why this hike is hard is the instant elevation gain and constant upward motion at Mt. Sanitas.  This is a hike in downtown Boulder and you can see Chautauqua (and most of Boulder) from the top.

This is the post to show that we made it to the top.SanitasPOleSanitasSign

That’s Chautauqua in the distance!


I tried out my Merrill Barefoots on the hike and I really enjoyed them on the rocks on the way up but I hated them on the sandy bits.  Also, my legs hurt in a different way today than they normally do after most hikes.  I was really engaging most of the muscles below my knees instead of working from my hips and glutes. 


As we headed down, some sprinkles fell out of the sky.  We were so glad to be headed down and towards the car.  I was really ready for some rest (and some fresh water and lunch).

Overall, it was a good hike and a great way to kick off the weekend!



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