Wineday Friday: Chamisal Vineyards Stainless Chardonnay

Happy Friday!  Things are back on track around here so I have a new wine for the week.  One thing the Husband and I can’t usually agree on is Chardonnay.  I usually like the buttery notes that come along with it and the Husband could leave the oakey flavor behind.  When we stumble on a Chardonnay from a stainless set up, we usually are both happy.

From the winemaker:

This wine exhibits classic varietal characteristics with aromas of ripe pineapple, fresh Gala apples, pear and candied lemon. The palate has a weight that belies its unoaked status with a rich entry of fresh citrus fruit that leads into secondary aromas of fig and mineral. Finishing clean and crisp with lingering acidity, the wine is fresh and vivacious, with a dense mid-palate. This vintage proves that with the right grapes and winemaking, Chardonnay does not need oak or malolactic fermentation to shine.”

The Chamisal Vineyard Stainless Chardonnay hit it right on the head when it comes to wine we can agree on.  When you take a sniff of this wine, I definitely got some lemon notes.  Nothing was too heavy and nothing lingered.  As you sip, it’s bright and clean.  This is definitely a summer drinking wine!  Great for dinner outside with friends.  While I generally enjoy something with a little more pop behind it, I definitely appreciate a wine that does subtle well too!


I’m Wondering: Do you prefer oak or stainless when you are drinking wine?

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