Getting myself organized!

So after about 2.5 days of rest this weekend, I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore.  I couldn’t sit in my basement and stare at the mass amounts of clutter that we have gathered over the last three years.  We thought that when we lived in the apartment, we were packed to the gills.  We now have about 500 square feet more to work with and I can’t imagine putting another thing in this place!  I think it might be time to watch an episode or two of hoarders to get the purging fire lit.

We have been making small steps for a few weeks to get ready for the clean out but we hadn’t done the big stuff.  Before our trip, we opened the last of the boxes that hadn’t seen the light of day since Iowa.  We decided to keep about half, toss a few things, and donate the rest.  The donation pile is still in the corner of the basement but at least there is some progress.  The toss bag was quickly taken to the trash so that I couldn’t change my mind.

In preparation of sorting, we also hung some shelves in our garage.  I think that if the garage were attached to our townhouse, we would have done this sooner but it’s a bit of a walk so we waited.  The shelves went up and all things home décor went out in sealed tubs.  We even put the Christmas tree in the garage.  I think the shelves were the only real investment we have made so far in operation organize! (Please excuse the sad phone photos…)

Once we freed up the space where the décor items once were, we could move the other boxes under the stairs and, voila, we have our basement back.  Once I got rid of some clutter, we hung a wipe board and pictures up on the wall.  Sadly, I discovered that some of my frames are not hang able and they will continue to sit on my shelf.

Next on the list is to re-organize some furniture and then finish the home improvement in the basement/bonus room.  If I didn’t have a job, I would probably spend most of my days re-organize small items and have a little OCD about it.  Thankfully, we only have a few three day weekends!

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