Monday Suds: Bear Republic


Happy Monday night!!  After a long day at work, you deserve a beer!  I mean it.  I’m ready to crack open a beer.  Maybe a homemade IPA…  anyway, back to the brewery visit.  The first brewery that we stopped by was Bear Republic.  I had heard of Bear Republic before heading to Sonoma but I really hadn’t had too many of their beers.  I was ready to have a tasty (and moderately strong) IPA.  The Racer 5 at Bear Republic was hard to beat!


As we sat down to eat with the whole family, there was a lot of tasting to be done.  There were some incredible seasonals but I definitely was sticking with the Racer 5.  It was well balanced, earthy, and very refreshing.  This beer is definitely worth looking for!  Here are the rest of the beers so you know what to look for!



I went up to the tap handles after lunch and was greeted by some friendly locals and an even friendlier bartender, Ryan.  He even let me behind the bar.  Wish I would have had an opportunity to pour a few pints.  Just a photo op this time.


And here is Ryan behind the bar.  The place was busy so I didn’t get to ask too many questions but I had fun!


Finally, if you are at Bear Republic, please order the Garlic French Fries!  There were 3 plates of these on the table and they didn’t last.  Fries

The food was great pub food and the beer was amazing and exactly what we needed.  If you are roaming around Sonoma County, please take the time to stop into Bear Republic and have a Racer 5 for me!



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4 responses to “Monday Suds: Bear Republic

  1. those fries look insane. LOVE french fries.

  2. Um, crap – I never sent you wineries to visit! I’m so sorry – what a terrible friend! 😦

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