Does this drizzle mean Fall is here?

This morning I was tempted to sleep in, put on flannel pajama pants, and have a big bowl of warm oatmeal.  The thermometer was registering under 50 degrees at 5:30 this morning!  However, my work life had other plans and I was out the door about 7:30 today.  I think Maggie would have loved a little cuddle…

After looking at this picture, I definitely need to find this blanket for Mags.  She really likes to wrap up.

Overnight, Colorado saw a 20 degree temperature drop and that means Fall is ready to get started!  I love Fall because you can unpack the sweatshirts, have a little pumpkin flavor every day, and get out that crock pot!  I know that we use the crock pot year round but as it cools off, the internal want for hearty and aromatic meals instantly increases.

With bleary eyes this morning, the Husband and I cobbled together a red curry with our finds at the farmers market, some chicken, and some unknown to me spices.  Even though we got up early to put it together, it is so nice to come home to the smells of homemade curry!  We made enough for leftovers so we are ready to dig in.

What do you love about Fall.  I love that I have an excuse to make these

4 thoughts on “Does this drizzle mean Fall is here?

  1. I love so much about fall, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet, the weather, and most of all the FOOD. I am so ready to start making batches of chili and apple pies and pumpkin cookies…. 🙂

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