Monday Suds: Twisted Pine


Happy Monday!  We had a particularly good weekend enjoying the beer that the Front Range has to offer.  Best stop of the weekend was made on Saturday when we stopped by Twisted Pine.  This place has been in Boulder since 1995 and they are currently expanding into some new space.


Twisted Pines definitely had some of the coolest tap handles and growlers on the planet.  I promise that I will get a picture of this gigantic, metal handled growler out soon.


I ordered a taster tray of everything they had on tap and out came this tray of 15 very varied beers.  As they put the tray in front of me and the Husband, I definitely thought we were in over our heads…  There were definitely some interesting beers like the Bloody Billy which was the Billy’s Chiles plus V8.  The original Billy’s Chiles was definitely a punch in the face of pepper but worth a try!

My favorites were definitely the regular Hoppy Boy and the Seasonal Hoppy Girl.  The Hoppy Girl was a more floral and slightly fruity version of the very evenly balanced Hoppy Boy.  The Husband really enjoyed the Irish Strong.  If we didn’t have so many samples in front of us, he would have gotten a pint!


While most of the beer is found in bottles, they will be canning the Billy’s Chiles.  Lots of cans were on the palates and ready to go.  Twisted Pine’s brews can be found throughout Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri and Nebraska.  Hopefully they will be moving out to your area soon if they aren’t there already.


Our bartender and tour guide, Kim, was great to talk to and she really took care of us!  Our fridge is definitely stocked with Twisted Pine at this point.  Twisted Pine had a wide selection with something for everyone, a small menu to keep you comfortable, and they will soon have a great space for larger groups.  I would say that while this place is hiding smack dab in the middle of Boulder, it’s definitely worth the hunt!


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