BlogHer Book Club Presents: Daring Greatly

What an amazing perspective!  As I read this book, all I could say to myself is “Hey, that’s me!”.  For the majority of the book, Brené Brown addresses our culture as a whole, hitting the nail on the head every time.  She addresses the ways that shame and vulnerability creep into our homes, our marriages, our workplaces, and our self talk and then tells us to stop worrying about it.  Shame and vulnerability are part of who we are and by putting down our walls and learning to work with those traits, we can adventure out our comfort zones and dare greatly!


“I want to experience your vulnerability but I don’t want to vulnerable” (p.41)

So many times, we are moved and impressed when someone tells their story, speaks their mind, or genuinely moves us.  We are so impressed that someone would bare their soul because we would never do that, EVER!  Ms. Brown does such a great job of relating her own experiences as well as combining it with her research to make great and relatable points.  With every story, I wished I could have sat with her and heard the whole story.  She writes the way that I would imagine that she speaks and I was completely enamoured. 

My major take-away: “A daring greatly culture is a culture of honest, constructive, and engaged feedback.” (p. 197)

I want every HR representative, manager, and owner to plaster this on their door, break room fridge, and frame it on their desk.  Ms. Brown has found my new workplace mantra.  It’s not just about reporting to your desk (or your home, your marriage, or your relationships) and doing exactly what is required of you, it is about doing more than is what required and helping those around you to do the same!

I would like to thank Brené Brown for this book!  I was generally impressed with the book and really felt like it was a book that gave me something to really apply to myself.  While there were sections that didn’t apply to me (the whole thing on parenting) every section gave me perspective on those around me.  There was enough story telling that it didn’t feel like I was being preached at but enough lesson to give me something to think about.  If you feel like you are doing anything less than what makes you happy, read this book and discover the start to the path of discovering what allows you to DARE GREATLY!

I was compensated to write a review of this book however all opinions are my own!

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