Monday Meal Planning

Happy Monday!  I really wish that I had an extra day to finish everything that ended up on my to do list over the weekend.  We got most of the cooking done but anything that fell outside of the kitchen most likely did not happen.  We will be hopefully getting those things done over the week and early Saturday!

So what did we get done…

First, we brewed batch 4 of beer this weekend.  It’s a English Style Brown and we added some extra chocolaty grains as well as some of the spices you would find in a pumpkin pie recipe.

We tested the gravity on this beer and we are going to be much more calculated with this beer, writing everything down and really trying to document the process.  I also picked up a brewing basics book this weekend.  Ready to learn what it takes to really brew our own quality beer with our own recipes! It’s John Palmer’s How to Brew and I am ready to get started!!

We also did a lot of cooking.  The Husband got the chicken going early, I made a quinoa salad, I roasted garlic, and pickled beets.  We also got all of our snacks packaged and ready to go.  I also sorted through the kitchen and got all of our ingredients in jars and organized.  Now that we can see what we have, it will make it easier to cook (or bake, we have two full jars of oats!).


I find that if you get your menu and your kitchen together one day a week, it makes it easier not too cheat when it comes to your menu.  If it’s all there, why go out?

This week’s menu looks something like this:

Monday Steak and Twice Baked Potatoes

Tuesday Enchiladas

Wednesday Out with Friends (It’s a paired dinner at Martini’s)

Thursday Eggplant Casserole

Friday Shrimp and Salad

I’ll be back later in the day with a review of our trip to Big Choice Brewing!



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9 responses to “Monday Meal Planning

  1. Sounds like a yummy week! The man of the house is a home brewer. Makes some of the yummiest beers! Last year he and his brother made a pumpkin port which was soooo good!

  2. Hey! We are both having enchiladas this week! 😉

    I love my mason jars full of grains n such. Tip, cut the label/cooking instructions and stick in the jar. It comes in handy to refer back to. lol.

    • We make a casserole with the enchilada goodness so that it is easy to freeze!
      I’ve jot a little set of instructions for the things I can’t remember with a picture next to the item all in a book. It’s my kitchen reference bible!

  3. I love this idea! I am the first in my family to adopt a vegetarian diet for myself, wife and children (due to our own personal preferences). I say that because we too have to plan meals each week. Usually on Sundays I will prepare everything for the week. It’s more time consuming having to make dishes that don’t have meat so we find it really helpful! Usually by around Thursday or Friday we’re out of prepared food and we start over again Sunday.

  4. okay I’m gonna add enchiladas to my menu this week. Thanks Kim and Christine, I was looking for a good meal idea………….

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