Monday Suds: Big Choice Brewing

One of the perks of living where we live is the never ending selection of up and comers!  One brewery that fits the bill is Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield.  Like most breweries in our area, Big Choice takes roots in a very unassuming industrial park.  When we pulled up we saw some picnic tables and a fairly new sign.  We pulled in and we were so glad that our Colorado Beer Map brought us in. 


This brewery is owned by Tyler Ruse, who his friends say was a homebrewer to start.  Would have loved to pick his brain but he was out doing the owner thing, representing his new business at a local Oktoberfest Celebration.  His friend, Tim, was more than happy to fill us in.


We tasted 7 great beers during our time at Big Choice.  The flagship beers here were the Type 3 IPA and the Disconnected Red. What I really liked was the Saison!  I was just as surprised.  Generally when you drink a saison, it hits you in the face with fruit and sweetness.  This saison seemed to have the same roots as the pale ale and there was great, round finish.  This beer was definitely calling to be put in a growler.  Next time, I promise.  The beer that the Husband liked was the Hemlock Double IPA.  Sometimes the Double can really present itself as a beer that is going to take you out of commission.  This Double was the kind of the beer that is going to sneak in and steal your afternoon.  Make sure that you are traveling with a DD if you are going to drink more than one of these.  On average, the beers ranged for 5-7% ABV but the Double was just below 10%.  Although it’s strong, the Hemlock Double IPA made the favorites list.


I stepped back to take a look at the rest of the brewery and there wasn’t a lot to see.  Big Choice is new and small but they are turning out quality beer.  Everything they had was tasty and I would definitely refer this place as a stop along the Front Range.  I can’t wait to check in with them again, maybe in 6 months!

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