Typical night at our house

I wish… we did a lot of prep work this weekend to make way for some fabulous cooking throughout the week.  I definitely think that we tend to be conservative when it comes to splurges but the Husband has a favorite he never gets.  That’s right, Lobster!


I felt so bad taking this guy apart because his colors were amazing.  The fins on the underside were bright and I had to take a picture of him before things changed into dinner.  Every once in a while, we cook ourselves a fancy meal and eat at the table by candlelight.  This was one of the those nights.  We made our own twice baked potatoes (we used Chobani instead of sour cream in the mix) and even froze some of the leftovers for another great meal in.


What I love about this time of year is the time that you can spend with your loved ones cuddling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company and actually hearing them.  It’s not too hot to cook anymore and definitely in the okay temperature range to crank up the oven and the crock pot.  So many times in our house we get so wrapped up in what we are watching, who we are chatting with on Twitter, or what’s going on in the game that doesn’t have a pause feature that we forget about the other person.  In the Fall, I love to crack the windows to have the excuse to cuddle on the couch and read together or just talk.  So many times I find myself waiting for someone to finish their thought, either at work or home,  that I don’t even hear the first part of the conversation.  In the Fall, it seems like I turn to molasses and I am ready to settle in and enjoy company and conversation!  Everything starts to slow down until the first frost.  You start to take the time to notice the changing colors, the now present sound of the crunching leaves as you walk to your car, and the need for a jacket between the parking garage and the office.  Fall is the time to get close to the ones that you love and let your mood settle in with the weather.


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