Wineday Friday: Gary Farrell Tour

While in Sonoma County, we had a great time exploring the grounds at Gary Farrell.  We were wowed by their wines at home and I was even more impressed once I saw the operation, saw the platforms for hand sorting, and enjoyed so many varieties of my favorite grapes.

Our host, Lavonne, was so knowledgeable about the wine, the history, and the stories behind each plot of land.  I really enjoyed her company and her tour!  Our family loved her.

It was a gorgeous day and a great start to our trip in Sonoma.  This was also the last wine stop on our trip.  Great bookends!  The Chardonnay is what drew us in and I think we left loving every single one of the Pinot Noir varieties.  Each had such a distinct flavor and character.

I am still editing so many pictures from the trip so I just grabbed some of my favorites.  I will eventually have enough together to put an album together, I promise.



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