An Evening with Grand Marnier

So last week was another fabulous dinner hosted by Martini’s.  We had an incredible time seeing the many applications of Grand Marnier.  Generally, we just use Grand Marnier as a float on a tasty Margarita.  This time around, we had some great cocktails.  While the drinks were bright and almost summery, the food was easing us right into fall.  I loved the main course, a riff on Chicken Cordon Bleu with Fontina cheese and prosciutto instead.  INCREDIBLE!  Chris and Frank do such an incredible job of getting a great host and a great menu together.  The Husband and I both liked the look and flavor of the dessert but we wish it was more solid and less creamy.The Husband and I really enjoy trying new things and expanding our boundaries and the paired dinners always give us something new.    Overall, we were very happy with the dinner and can’t wait to check out the October one!

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If you are in the area, please check out Martini’s Bistro.

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