Monday Suds: Gravity Brewing

With all of the new breweries popping up, some people have to get creative.  I could imagine that it would be hard to convince customers (and probably the health inspector) that your garage or basement is the best place for Boulder County’s new brewery.  So sometimes you have to start seeking out unused space.  This is exactly what the owners of Gravity Brewing in Louisville did. Bar There fantastic tap room is attached to the American Legion in Louisville and they have definitely made it an inviting space for American Legion visitors and beer drinkers alike!


When we sat down to try the beers, there were 6 on tap.  I definitely loved the Coolship Belgian Wit and the Regular IPA.  The Regular was slightly bitter but definitely enjoyable.  I have had it on both occasions that we were there.  There wasn’t anything surprising about this beer, which is what I love about a  good IPA.  The Coolship was an unfiltered Belgian with the spicy notes of Coriander.  What I love about this style of beer was the fruit notes that you get to enjoy.  Every taste was a little different, boasting different fruit notes with every sip.  The Husband seemed to gravitate toward the Tsar Bomba, a Russian Imperial Stout that was sweet and slightly roasty.  The extra brown sugar seemed to make this beer stand out.


The Accretion Belgian Abby was a very interesting beer.  This had hints of roast but also of sour.  The sour effect was slight and not unpleasant, just unexpected.  I could definitely detect the raisiny notes and really enjoyed the taster of it.  I’m not sure I could drink a whole glass of this but I would definitely recommend trying a taster to see what your palette picks up!


Gravity Brewing is only available locally at this point but like many other small breweries, there is the potential to grow and expand.  John and Julius are very knowledgeable about the beer industry and definitely have some great recipes to work with and great experience behind them.


They have only been officially open about a month and they already have a steady following.  They work on a 10 barrel system and have plenty of tap handles to fill!  Gravity is a great place to stop in after work and try out or enjoy on a Saturday.  Beautiful bar with great beers on tap and great things to come!


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