That particular color

When you think of Fall?  Where does your mind go?  Does it go to creepy Halloween scares, drives with your family to look at leaves, familiar smells of warm baked goods?  My mind immediately hops to my favorite Fall color.  Being an “October Baby”, it is coded in my DNA to love everything Fall.  It’s hard to pass up something pumpkin flavored.


While throughout the year, my favorite color ranges somewhere in the purple spectrum, the minute the leaves start to crinkle up I can’t help but buy anything with an orange hue.  I bring out the “Autumn Harvest” candle, I lay out that particular tablecloth, I change out the bright colored gerberas for mums.


Overall, my favorite orange hued item happens to be the pumpkin.  That particular bright orange gourd that means cooler weather is coming but there are still a few more warm days to come.  I love going to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin to decorate and carve.


This particular orange globe will sit on my porch and beckon trick or treaters for some candy.  One of my pumpkins I will keep whole and see how far into November it can last.


This orange ball will be the light on my porch until the snow in Colorado starts to accumulate on our porch.  There is a unique hue that signals fall for me and right now I am loving Pumpkin Orange.


(And kind of loving the random group of now popular white pumpkins I found this year!)


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