Monday Suds: Front Street



We made it back to the Quad Cities a few weeks back and the craft beer explosion has hit the Mississippi region.  While we were home, we managed to stop into a few but didn’t have time to hit them all.  Front Street opened in 1992 (I was in first grade!) in it’s original location.  Their most popular beer is named after the first flood I can remember.  It’s name?  Raging River.  The Raging River is an English style ale with plenty of hops and it as delightful to smell as it is to taste.


Since the Husband and I moved away, Front Street has moved into a great location right on the river.  They have been there for about 6 months.  You can see the outdoor music space and the fireworks from the ball park from their amazing windows!kettles

With the move came some great new equipment!  What I love about the set up at the new brewery is that you can see everything!  The picture above was taken from my seat at the bar.  They have really taken advantage of the old brick and the beautiful view.  This place looks amazing!


What I loved about this visit was the fact that we were there with our families.  Usually I get a taster tray of everything but as we were here with a group, we were able to hear about everyone else’s favorites!  Definitely seems like the Davenport Gold was the tables favorite followed by the Hefeweizen.  There was some inconsistency in the color of the Gold but the flavor was great! It was light and refreshing! 


While we were in, we were treated to some amazing Hoptoberfest!  The color was amazing, the taste was full and round, and I had two pints it was so good!  Dan, our host, also liked the Hoptoberfest.  So glad I tried it.  It wasn’t a traditional Oktoberfest beer but a great full pint!


Overall, there are only a few choices in the QC for good beer but Front Street is definitely making a splash on the craft beer scene.  If you find yourself in the very middle of our great country, make sure that you stop and enjoy the view of the Mighty Mississippi with a pint of the Raging River!

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