Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  In case you missed it, last week I did a post about my favorite specials of the season.  When we get home, Charlie Brown will be the show of choice!

As you can see, I didn’t go all out this year for my costume but at least I have something!  I’ve also already posted about my love of Fall here.  It’s in my blood to love Halloween.  We got out our decorations for the porch all set up.  I will be Instagramming some pictures tonight!  I’m just disappointed at how few trick or treaters we get at our place on Halloween.  We have never had more than 10!  We still buy a big bag of candy and the last kid of the night gets really lucky!

Have a happy (and safe!) Halloween!


What are your plans for tonight?  Did you (or your family) dress up?  Tweet me some pics!


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  1. We’re going to pass out candy (that I still need to buy) and likely be in costume for that. Then massages when we figure the trick-or-treaters should go home. 🙂

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