Monday Suds: Great River Brewery



One other pit stop while we were home was Great River.  This is a place that we tried out one other time.  Great River Brewery was close to downtown and we had some time so we wanted to give it another shot!


It was kind of a cruddy day outside but you can usually see a little bit of the Mississippi River beyond the bridge.


My favorite beer on tap was the 483 Pale.  The 483 references the mile marker on the river.  It was such a great beer!  The IBU count was only at 48.  I say only when most people would say that’s enough.  We noticed that the beers at home have hit the nail on the head when it comes to flavor of pale ales but they definitely don’t have the crazy high hop counts! 


We were able to sample everything on the menu.  While I didn’t care for the dark stout, it seemed to be a popular drink at the table.  Everything had a unique flavor and I would definitely be interested to see what else they come out with!


We had some great hosts and while we were on the tour, we found out there was a bit of Colorado to be found!  What a great surprise!


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