Excuse me, can I get some room service?

Back to Reality

So last week, I was living a life that included room service every morning, drinks out with friends every night, and a great bed to come home to every night. 




I was in Vegas for a tradeshow.  I wasn’t traveling for fun.  While I got to enjoy some of the pleasures of my dream life, there was also 10ish hours of work on every day walking a million square foot tradeshow floor.

The Hard Part

was being away from my family every day.  (Bad shoes comes in a very close second!).  I was happy to be traveling but I was sad that I couldn’t come home to the Husband and the Pup each day.  While some people might see this as strange, I just see them as an integral part of my day.  I was so happy to have the whole weekend to rest and watch movies and relax as a family.


Do you travel for work or on your own?  How do you stay connected when you’re away?

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