Ales4Females: A glance back


I just realized that I still haven’t published the post  about my incredible experience at Left Hand in October.  Many breweries have hopped on the wagon when it comes to courting their female patrons.  The best part is that targeting us has become a lot more than ladies night and cheap beers.  In Colorado, you can always find a group at a brewery aimed at the education of the female beer consumer.  I have seen a couple new ones crop up in the last few months but I have not had the opportunity to attend.  Left Hand has its own club and it is the Ales4Females group.  I have attended this group off and on since I discovered beer.  You are able to meet with local aficionados, brewers, and enthusiasts.  It is also a great way to meet the other bar stool occupants that you may see on a regular visit.  Nothing better than walking into a tap room and feeling like you walked on to the set of Cheers where everyone knows your name!


This last meeting included some tasty Flemish Beer, chocolate cake, lady fingers, and pancetta!  To say that this was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement.  While most months, we have the opportunity to try out three beers, the Bourgogne de Flandres was such a big beer it needed all three food pairings for itself!  If you have never had a Flemish beer, it is surprisingly brewed like a Lambic, completely uncovered and open to wild strains!  I usually don’t like the taste of these beers as there are usually sour and sweet notes.  However, this beer blew me away and the pairings took me out of this world!  It was so well-balanced that I ended up not even finishing the beer I had ordered and opted to finish the tasting beer.



This was definitely an experience.  If you are in an area with a local brewer (and sometimes distiller) it is definitely worth asking about any education they put on, female or otherwise!  Get to know your brewer and definitely get to know your beer.

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