Monday Suds: Loveland Aleworks


If I have learned anything from this beer adventure, it is that there is a new brewery every time you turn around.  A brewery that made it on the beer map before they even opened was Loveland Aleworks.  Loveland is between where I live and Ft. Collins (where New Belgium and Budweiser live).  There are some great breweries like Grimm that we have already had the pleasure of trying out and then there are some new places popping up in the soon to be revitalized downtown Loveland.

Loveland Aleworks was opened by Nick and Carrie Callaway on July 4th of this year!  When we stopped in there were 10 beers on tap and there was a beer machine for cask beer that has a rotating selection.  What I really loved about this place was how beautiful it was!  The entire place was light and clean.  The tin ceiling was still up and the windows to the brew equipment were nice.  I would love to hang out here more often.


The other thing that I loved was the beer of course.  Of the ten beers, there were definitely three families of beer that when enjoyed together you could really enjoy the nuances of great beers.  These three subsets would also be great ways to set up food pairings in the future.


There was a Belgian style family, an American style grouping, and two beers that fall into the Hoppy family.  What I loved about the Belgian family was the slight changes in the depth and citrus flavors.  Overall, I think that the IPA was my favorite!  There was a fruit quality but it wasn’t all citrus and grapefruit.  The flavors were surprising and strong and the color was amazing!


The Husband picked the Trippel as his favorite.  Also on his list were the Fresh Hopped Amber (a surprise as it was in the Hoppy family), and the English Mild.  Anyone who takes the tank space to make an English Mild is definitely adventurous and worth a visit.  Katherine says that the Saison is the most popular selection.  While they didn’t win anything with it at GABF, the buzz was definitely worth the trip to Denver.  Katherine’s personal favorite happens to be the Fresh Hopped Amber.


Katherine (our bartender pictured above) says that there is some live music in the tap room and this seems like a great place to hang out!  It was a little busy while we were there and word is that it picks up in the evenings.  We will definitely be going back to see how the music set up works!  Overall, the beers had some diversity and everything was solid.  The brewers at Loveland Aleworks seem to have a vision and we can’t wait to see where they are going!  Really worth checking in again a few months down the road.


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