Are you ready for the Holidays?

Can you believe that we are less than a month away from Christmas?  As we pulled away from my in-laws house on Sunday, I told them not to be sad because we would be back in less than a month.  I couldn’t believe it.  Almost 2000 miles and 26 hours spent in the car and we are voluntarily doing it twice in a five week span.  I must have lost my mind!

Although we managed to find our rhythm with the drive, it doesn’t make it any shorter, just a little more bearable.  And some of us were able to nap the entire way, both ways.  Lucky dog! The upside to this second pilgrimage is that I get to spend another holiday with my family (both sides this year).

As we are driving and able to pack a little heavier for the holidays, I feel like I can actually put together some fun gifts this year.  We usually stick to small, nearly unbreakable, store bought items.  This year, things can be a bit more breakable and they can also survive a car trip pre – wrapped.  This means it is time to start planning.

While I don’t want to divulge too much in case of prying (read: family) eyes, I will say that I am definitely looking to go more personal this year.  I will be sitting down over the next few days to put some pen to paper on what will finally come out.  I am hoping to be browsing the internet and some magazines to find some great new ideas for the family.  If you have any thoughts, leave it in the comments so I can add it to the ideas list.

Decorating our house should also happen this week.  Since we have moved to Colorado, we have had the family in town on Thanksgiving to help us put the tree together.  This year was a little different and I don’t have anything up yet.  I cleaned up yesterday so that we are all ready to haul out the holly today.  Hopefully when we get home, we can at least get the tree up and tomorrow we can get the few strings of lights outside.  Most of my decorations are pretty non-specific so once they are up, they can stay until the snow melts.

How are you getting ready for the holidays?  Which holidays do you celebrate?

10 thoughts on “Are you ready for the Holidays?

  1. We’re waiting to cut down a tree this weekend – there’s a small window of time you can get a $10 permit and cut your own in the parks. Very excited!

  2. Those decorations are beautiful! I’m working on some personal presents too this year, but it’s so strange to think the big day is less than a month away!

  3. I’m waiting on the husband to do the handy stuff as far as decorating goes. I handle anything that sparkles. He takes care of anything that requires a drill or a ladder 🙂 It’s safer this way!

  4. My hubby and I got our tree up the day after Thanksgiving! The whole house was decorated inside and outside before the end of the weekend. I am ALL about the Christmas decorations 🙂

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