Monday Suds: Where to next?


So this weekend, the Husband and I got the opportunity to celebrate the end of Movember at Left Hand with a silent auction to benefit Prostate Cancer.  So many great breweries were represented and we walked away with some great packages for a good cause.  As our time was spent at a brewery that I have already loved on, I thought I would take this chance to ask you where we should go.  There are only a few more weeks left in 2012 and 2013 promises to be even busier.  I would love to satisfy my “Type A” needs and get scheduling done early (maybe even schedule a meet up!).

As you can see from the main page, the Husband and I have seen (and imbibed) quite a bit of beer in Colorado this year.  What are we missing?  Which great breweries are we leaving out?  For those of you not in Colorado, do you want to see how the big operations work?  For those of you that are local, where is your favorite hang out?  I really want to see this project take off in 2013, but I can’t do it without your help.

Either let me know through Twitter @kemerselis or leave a comment here to pick our destinations for 2013!  We will also be picking our favorites from this year.  Make sure to let me know who you think should take the cake!

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