Have you been to Trader Joe’s?

In the early part of 2013, both Boulder and Denver will finally be blessed with Trader Joe’s.  I know that many people have access to their delicious and affordable goods on a regular basis and these discoveries aren’t anything great but for me, I still get excited about going to TJ’s.IMG_1689

Whenever we drive through Des Moines during daylight hours, we veer about 15 minutes out of our way to stock our cooler bags full of delicious new to us items.  Over Thanksgiving, we were able to grab a few things to stash in the trunk for Colorado.  I have already had the chance to try everything we brought home and I hope to stop again in a few weeks to re-stock.


And a helpful note, if you haven’t had the Spinach dip, buy it NOW!  I could eat every last bite and not feel too bad about the calories.


This Gingerbread is amazing and so easy.  The smell alone will have you in a holiday coma.


Once we have our own TJ’s, I can’t wait to try all of the amazing things we couldn’t fit in our car.  What’s your favorite treat from Trader Joe’s?


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