Monday Suds: Lone Tree Brewing Company


This weekend I was able to stop in on one of my favorite events a brewery, a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!  In Colorado, I love to see new breweries celebrate their success.  We dropped in at Lone Tree Brewing Company to try out some of their exciting beers.

As you can from the list below, there are some great beers.  We were able to try almost all of them and we were very happy with the beers that were put in front of us.  I think that there was a tie for my favorite beer.  I loved both the Red Ale (this never happens!) and the Pale Ale.  The Pale Ale also happens to be one of the most popular beers on the list.  What I loved about the Red was that it was so full of flavor but there wasn’t anything sweet about it.  It was full bodied and there were plenty of interesting smells.

The Pale Ale was a little weak on the bitterness scale for me but this would be a great growler to have around the house while you kick around the weekend chores.  It was refreshing and crisp and a perfect busy weekend beer.Board

Because of Heather and Kirk, I knew that we were close and we found a great neighborhood gem.  Everything was simple and delicious.  They were tapping some brews for the anniversary that were a little different.  They were also good, just in small batches and test cases.


The two guys behind the bar were both name Josh.  Don’t believe me?  Check the names on the shirt.  Kirk also let me know that there are two James’ that work there.  As we know from our favorite brewery, James and Josh are popular names.


Josh (can’t remember which) let us know that Lone Tree Brewing is going under some big changes.  They are going to triple their holding size to a few 20 Barrel fermenter.  So exciting to see a new brewery be so successful!  While this brewery is a little far away for us to make this a regular stop (about an hour) we do know some people who live in the neighborhood.  Hopefully we will be able to stop in on a less busy day and get the whole story behind Lone Tree Brewing Company.


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