Wineday Friday: Not your mother’s wine in a box

So it used to be that if your wine came with a screw off cap, you weren’t getting the “good stuff”.  It wasn’t “real wine”.  Since then, we have learned that many popular wine makers have gone with the caps for a variety of cost and quality reasons.  So this week, I decided to take it a step further and try out the wines in the box (and can!).

When we grabbed the wine this week, we just didn’t grab your typical box of generic wine in a box, we grabbed a California wine that was trying to be eco-friendly, a local winery that does a variety of cans and bottles, as well as a pre-made Mimosa in a can.  What I love about these options are the versatility.  Say you wanted to go on a beautiful hike with your love and pack an incredible picnic of wine and cheese.  Who wants to whole around a big glass bottle all day when you can take crushable single serving cans or an eco-friendly recyclable box?  Exactly!  The other thing to love about all of these options is that 2 out of the 3 were fairly inexpensive.  The Infinite Monkey Theorem was the most expensive of the 3 but I will pay a little more to support local!IMG_1762

I think of the 3, the Little Green Box was our favorite buy.  The wine was good as long as it was served very cold and there were 3 glasses in the box for $5.  If you take a look at their website, there are other brands you may recognize.  The wine is still good quality and the price is low to attract people back into the box aisle at the liquor store.IMG_1761

The Soleil Mimosa was also pretty good.  I have had this before in the bottle and it is a great party drink for those who aren’t keen on having more than a brunch cocktail any time of the day.  They aren’t strong but they are still tasty.  Definitely tasty but not as tasty as if you were going to take the time (and spend the money) to make your own. IMG_1760

Finally, the Infinite Monkey Theorem carries a few varieties in the can.  We still have not had the pleasure of visiting the operation in Denver but it is definitely on my 2013 bucket list.  I love that this a single serving can.  When you open a bottle of wine, you usually don’t put the cork back in the bottle until it’s too late.  With the can, this isn’t a problem.  You get a perfectly portioned glass in a pretty cool can.IMG_1759

Overall, we learned this week that you can’t always judge a wine buy it’s packaging.  Find out why the company does it that way and enjoy it.  It may be some of the best $5 wine you ever tasted!

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