Our new toy

All I want for Christmas…

I guess it’s all we wanted for Christmas were gifts for our kitchen and our fitness.  And one of our new toys was the Cycle Ops Fluid Bike Trainer.  And after one ride, I’m in love!


The trainer allows us to take a large piece of exercise equipment we already have and make it more versatile.  We set it up in the living room with the Husband’s bike and the Amazon Prime account for optimal watching.  I was able to watch some Top Chef while dinner was being made and the Husband is on it now while I hide out in the basement office.

Switching it up

The secret to our success when it comes to fitness is variety.  We each have a set of clubs to golf or hit the driving range, we can hike or bike outdoors, we have  a gym membership, and we have the pup to walk.  If we get bored, we stop working out and we go back to our Netflix subscription on the couch.  By having options, we keep moving and if we don’t feel like hitting the gym, we can pick something else.

My plans

I really want to hit the gym at least 4 times a week but if the parking lot is overwhelmingly full, I want to have another option.  I also know that the Pup needs to get out and get her exercise as well.  As we built our weekly planner, we left spaces for 6 days of working out.  I would love to hit the gym all 6 of those days but I know myself and I know that I am going to need the variety.  As long as I am moving every day with 6 days of real hard work, I think I am fulfilling my duty to myself.

How do you set yourself up for success?

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