Monday Suds: West Flanders


I can’t do a better job than they already have of introducing the West Flanders Brewing Company.  As you can tell by the history, the guys in charge of this great brewery and eatery have been waiting for a great opportunity for a long time!  I was really excited to stop in and try out some new beers from just down the street!


When walking around Pearl Street in Boulder, I generally expect a lot of flash and not a lot of substance.  West Flanders has recently started occupying a space that was previously one of those places.  While the décor and the space hasn’t changed a lot, the vibe and the menu have definitely improved.  Walking into West Flanders felt comfortable and inviting and not too busy.


They are of course showcasing their own beer and they are also paying tribute to some heavy hitters outside of Colorado (and the US).  I had the opportunity to try the Duchesse a while back at an Ales for Females meeting.


The beers were incredibly balanced and leaning towards traditional.  While everything had a unique spin, when you order off the menu there are no surprises.  If you don’t believe me, check out their incredibly thorough beer descriptions.


When we sat down at our table, we were able to try 7 of the 9 beers on the menu.   Everything at West Flanders was pretty traditional and tasty.  There wasn’t really anything that stood out as incredible but I would drink any of those beers again.  I think that my favorite was the St. Marks Dubbel.  It was sweet and full of caramel but it wasn’t overwhelming.  It hit every note perfectly and I would love to find out what entrée they would pair this with.  I think that the opportunity that they have in front of them is the chance to do great beer dinners without having to pair with an outside source.  IMG_1819

I was able to meet with the brewmaster, Brian Lutz, and one of his bartenders, Tierney.  West Flanders has only been open a few months and they are already over 200 barrels in house.  My standard question for brewers and bartenders alike is about their favorite beer on tap.  While Tierney showed me around, she let me know that she loves the Dubbel as well!  I knew I wasn’t wrong about that taste.  Brian said that he couldn’t pick a favorite because he loves everything he brews.  With the kind of history he has, I would definitely be proud of the product I put out as well.


Make sure to check out West Flanders online!  I’m sure there are some great things to be watching (and waiting for)!


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