BHBC Presents: The Willpower Instinct

And I’m not talking about the race car driver Will Power, even though he is good at his job and some would argue that he has great racing instincts…

Anyway, now that everyone has had the chance to gather their resolutions and goals for 2013 it’s time to talk about sticking to them.  How do you say no to the next glass of wine of the piece of birthday cake at the office.  It’s called willpower!  As Kelly McGonigal lets us know in her newest book The Willpower Instinct we all have the power to figure what we want, what we don’t want, and what our future selves wants. 

The part of this book that resonated with me the most is it isn’t about setting goals but it is about identifying the behaviors that will help us reach those goals and hit them. 

Once we have identified what our future self needs, we need to get to know them.  The me in 20 years is still me, not just a stranger that I will hopefully meet in 20 years.  We need to realize that what is best for ourselves now should also be what is best for the version of ourselves that is all grown up!

While I don’t think this book challenged me to find my willpower, it definitely is making me think about who the future me is and how I can make her happy!


I have been compensated by BlogHer for my review but all opinions are my own.

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