Wineday Friday: TGIF with some Hop Kiln

So this week has flown by!  I had an incredible time meeting up with Paige for drinks after work a few days back at Martini’s.  It was so great to get to sit down with a new friend.  I was able to try out a new drink and enjoy some great mussels.  She and her husband are new to the area and I can’t wait to show her around!

We received another wine shipment from a wine club recently.  This one was from HopKiln.  Loved visiting this place back in August!


We have been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather before the next round of snow comes so I thought it would be great to open the Pinot Grigio.  This wine made me think about summer and I was wishing for the opportunity to sip it outside on the patio.  It was bright and crisp but it was missing any specific fruit notes.  It was definitely citrusy but nothing in particular.  What I love about the Hop Kiln wines is that everything is approachable and delicious.

Notes from Hop Kiln:

“Light citrus and tropical notes playfully linger behind a bouquet of vanilla bean. Much of this blend is barrel fermented to create a rich round mouth feel, while the balance is vinted and aged in stainless steel to retain Pinot Grigio’s bright varietal profile. This wine is nice to match with smoked salmon, prosciutto and melon, and creamy pasta dishes such as Fettucine Alfredo.”

You can purchase at their website.  Definitely worth it!

I’m wondering: What are you drinking this weekend?

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