My Friday Five

My favorite image from the week.


Every time I see this, I can’t stop giggling

Favorite way to start the week!

The Husband didn’t know how I wanted to start my Sunday so he brought me a mimosa and a homemade cappuccino.

Favorite article of the week

Can you believe this?  I know people who have eaten some of these things and I can’t imagine how bad I would feel afterwards!

Favorite new appliance this week!

This is our new #kitchenweapon!  We thought it might explode but we all survived.

Favorite event this week

As strange as it is, we set out to do our regular clean up this week and ending up purging everything!!  We dumped old stuff, trashed weird things that I was holding onto (every shoebox, ever!), and cleaned out all of our closets.  Felt amazing!  This weekend, I plan on cleaning out the clothes that I don’t need.  Definitely a big chore.

Have a blast this weekend and do amazing things.

What was your favorite thing this week?

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