Monday Suds: Am I hearing your correctly?


Besides great beer…

the other thing I am always looking for at a brewery is great music!  While I do not profess to be any kind of afficianado or music snob, I definitely know what I like.  With so many great venues in the area, I have seen a few more shows than I normally would.  Also, as a local fanatic, I love searching out the bands that are from the Denver area or at least play here more than a handful of times.

So what have we seen?

This weekend, we had the pleasure of going to an After Hours event at Left Hand.  While there is a cover, it’s definitely worth it when Squid is playing!!  Some originals and some great covers.  Everyone was dancing and having a great time.  Don’t believe me?  Check my Instagram for pictures of a packed house!  I really loved the originals this time around and the guest singer.  What I really like is that both the Husband and I can enjoy the music and maybe even dance a little.


Another band we listened to a few weeks back was Technicolor Tone Factory.  This is a larger band with 5 guys and a big sound!  What I loved about this band was that they were huge in sound but not overwhelming in the tasting room.  I grabbed a CD and I have loved listening to them on my way in to work.  Just enough sound to get you moving!  They have some great shows coming up so be sure and check out their Facebook page.


What I love about living in this area is the wide array of music and venues!  You can always stumble across something you love!  What music are you listening to lately?  Any great live shows?

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