Welcome to Lyons! And check out their Fork!


One of the benefits in living where I do is that I am conveniently located between Boulder, Denver, and Ft. Collins.  I am also 15 minutes from a budding mountain town.  Lyons seems so far away because it is nestled in the foothills but we timed it and it’s 15 minutes door to door.  A few of our very talented friends were having their comeback show at a restaurant they told us we had to try.  We were definitely game for good music and good food and we weren’t disappointed! The Lyons Fork and the Prairie Scholars were a great combination!


In case you want to check out the Prairie Scholars and you are outside of Colorado they are actually having their first web show tonight!  You can check it out here.  Please take a listen and support some great friends!  They are a husband and wife couple with some amazing talent between them.  If you want great road trip music or a great show, please check them out!  The show is at 7:00 PM Mountain time!  You can also get their CD’s and digital downloads on their website!


As the music started, we started ordering some great food.  We had some great drinks and garlic fries to start.  The fries were so good and so messy my camera was not at the ready!  You can imagine.  Shoestring fries covered in oil and truffle and garlic.  DELICIOUS!

Once we got our table, it was time for dinner.  We ordered the steak and the Salmon and we were so happy with both.  The flavors were perfect and were simply put together.  For a small town, this place was packed on a weeknight and you could definitely tell why!  We would definitely go here again!  We didn’t get dessert this time but I will be sure to try it next time.


And the margaritas were also worth the trip.  Thankfully, I had the Husband to drive me home.  They were pretty tasty!


What an amazing date night.  Have you found any local gems lately?

And remember, please check out the Prairie Scholars and support some great music!

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