BHBC Presents Touch and Go

This is a paid review for Blogher Book Club, however, all thoughts and opinions are my very own.

When given the opportunity to read a suspense thriller, I think I actually rolled my eyes… Then I realized that I am always looking for something new to read and stepping out my genre might shake things up just enough.  And I was pleasantly surprised.

What I really like about this book is that they get to the actual event within the first couple of pages.  You don’t get invested before anything happens and you don’t spend the first half of the book to find out what you already know from inside the dust jacket.  We learn about the family, the investigator, and several other characters as you move through the book.  The only thing that turned me off about this book was the distinctly different stories.  I found it hard to care too  much about Tessa because I just wanted to get back to what was happening with the Denbe family!

Overall, while suspense isn’t my first choice I am going to go and find another one of Lisa Gardner’s books soon.  I think it would make for good airplane reading!

Have you heard about BLEND??  One of the best experiences of my life!  It was right in my backyard last year and I meant incredible people from all over and met a lot of people from Colorado as well!

Pic from Ashley
Pic from Ashley

We are doing it again in Utah this year and prices go up tomorrow.  Do you have your ticket?

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