Monday Suds: Black Bottle Brewing

Happy late Monday!  The Husband and I have been enjoying the best of what the front range has to offer!  We kicked off our Friday with a quick tour of Ft. Collins.  Our first stop on the tour was Black Bottle Brewerymonday-sudsFINAL

We were glad we didn’t go sooner.  They have been on our radar for a few months but we found out that they have only been open since December 1st.



Like most breweries, BBB was located in a strip mall type setting near campus but it wasn’t right across the street.  When we walked in, we were greeted by an industrial décor and an amazing bar.  They had a full menu and a complete bar to compliment their seven beers on tap.  It was mostly craft and local drinks and it looked great! 


All of the beers that were on tap were full bodied and delicious.  There weren’t any low ABV beers so the taster flight was just the right size.  We tried all seven beers while we munched on great plate of food!


They have a full menu and their chef was from Baltimore.  This meant that we had to try the Crab Cake Sliders.  It was a perfect size plate to split as the sliders were tiny guys!  So good and so much tasty Old Bay flavor!  Can’t wait to try some of the other great things on the menu.


I think overall, my favorite beer here was the Double Wit.  When you have a Wit beer you get some great spicy notes but it’s usually just hidden under the fruity notes of the beer.  This beer was forward with the ginger and coriander and the orange zest!  I hope this is one that sticks around!


There are going to be some great barrel aged beers soon.  There are whiskey barrels and red wine barrels just waiting for a taste.  Eric, our bartender for the day, said that there are about 20 recipes available and so many more great flavors will be coming through the pipes.  They are working on a seven BBL brew system and several large fermenters under the bar and restaurant. 


There were so many great things about this place and I hope that we can head back and try more of the food when red meat is back on our menu!  We also want to go back towards the end of the night to see how this beauty works!  You are seeing this right, it’s a LAST CALL GONG! 


There were a couple more breweries on our trip to share later! 

Did you have a long weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

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