Some midweek confessions…

What I think about at end of yoga

At the end of my favorite yoga class the instructor always asks us to imagine ourselves in the most comfortable place.  She asks us to enjoy the water, the clouds, or to sink into the sand.  All I can think about is sinking deeper into a feather bed with nice clean sheets!  At least it’s on a beach, right?


I Don’t like skiing (or snow, or cold…)

Since we moved to Colorado, we have bought a four pack for  our local, small runs.  Every time we go I turn into a whiney child and I am determined to get down the runs.  Sometimes I cry and sometimes  I just head to the lodge and pout into my beer… Sadly, the Husband loves to ski so I just have to get over it.  We are going this weekend and I am determined to have a good time.



I wish running were easy for me.

I watch the people at the gym who run lap after lap on the track and my green eyed monster comes out.  I am currently signed up for a St. Patty’s Day 5k and I have big plans for 2013 but it won’t be easy.  Between my knee and the negative attitude I tend to get, running has always been a struggle but I really enjoy it when I hit my stride so I will keep with this! I really enjoyed the Underwearness 5k I did last August!


 I can’t just watch one episode…

Due to our Roku and Amazon Prime, I have been able to fuel this problem.  I can curl up with a good blanket and a good dog and watch the same series for hours.  When the Husband travels, I have been known to plow through entire seasons of shows.  He is just as bad so we can at least veg out together after a long week at work.


Are there any shows you could watch all weekend?  Any activites you do that don’t like but you do them anyway?

2 thoughts on “Some midweek confessions…

  1. Your skiing comments make me laugh 🙂 I am the EXACT same way! I can function on the hills but it is seriously the most terrifying experience for me. I tend to always quit by noon and drink away my sorrows in the bar.

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