Friday Five

1. I can’t believe I will be heading here in about 10 days!!  Super excited to see the whole thing!

2. The Husband is sick and I suspect tomorrow will be spent lounging and cuddling!  Maggie is such a good sport when it comes to family time on the couch, can’t you tell?



3. We are going to make another attempt at skiing on Sunday!  I am just telling myself that it will be amazing!  I might cry and it might be tough on my knee but it will get us out of the house and into the mountains.  Eldora, here we come!


4. My new obsession happens to be this show.  I read the book and was really not excited for this show but now I’m hooked!  I don’t think I am the target demographic and I hide from the Husband when I watch it but I can’t stop!

5. We are almost done with our pescetarian challenge.  While I feel that we have been really successful, I really want a burger (and chicken parmesan, and a steak). I might even stop at Georgia Boy’s to fill up!  I really have to share my thoughts on the whole process but right now, I just want some meat!


Happy Friday!  What was the best part of your week?

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